A workbook to help you link your investments with your life
Investing from the Inside Out
Imagine living your ideal life... What would that be like? What would you be doing? What would bring you satisfaction and joy? The assets you have both now and in the future as well as the investments you make in both resources and time manifest what you value - or at least they should. That’s where this workbook comes in. It’s designed to help you uncover what motivates you, what matters to you, and which financial actions you could take that will help you realize the life you want and what you value most.
You’re most likely to act on goals that tie to your values and represent what’s most important to you in life.
Decide what you want and when
Investing from the inside out can build confidence and enthusiasm in investing by tying into your values, your goals, and your life.
Find your inside advantage
Start to identify your personal investing why by asking yourself questions about money and what you’d most like to do with it or feel because of it.
Find your why
Basing investments on internal, values-related goals—rather than arbitrary, external factors—may deliver better results.
What’s inside?
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Invest in what you care about most - This workbook is intended to help you see how investing can be a meaningful part of your life and help you make progress toward what you care about most.